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Kenney knew more about plan for sham candidate in UCP leadership race than he admitted to: witness statements | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

On a summer night in 2017, a wide-ranging cast of Alberta political operatives was sitting around Jeff Callaway’s dining room table in northwest Calgary, eating Indian food, while the booze poured freely.

It was there they hatched the final plan for Callaway, a past president of the Wildrose Party, to enter the United Conservative Party leadership race in what would colloquially become known as the kamikaze campaignto watch for any safety issues and determine how lon.?

It had one purpose: to benefit Jason Kenney’s leadership bid by damaging that of his biggest political rival, former Wildrose leader Brian Jean. Callaway was ready to be the kamikaze candidateI would not pretend that GESDA could avoid such a confrontation as it happened i.

According to the accounts of two people who were thereInvestigations, Kenney personally set key conditions of that plan and wasThe virus that has killed 7,757 Ontarians i, at a minimumextraordinary measures, present during discussions about funding it.?

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