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On July 22, abs-ps Market Overview everywhere

ABS market dynamics:

the ps/abs market in Yuyao plastic city continued yesterday's trend in the morning, and the quotation was basically based on (3) preset test times, automatic shutdown and stable failure 1: when the zigzag test machine, the material was not within the required standard distance, resulting in breakage; The above reasons are: the geometric shape of the tested material is not standard, the concentricity of the zigzag testing machine itself is not good, and the clamping part of the tested material is damaged, and some of them go down in a narrow range. Because there are few market seekers, some traders are short-sighted and sell at a profit. The latest mainstream quotation for domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is yuan/ton

part of Shunde ABS market fell slightly by about yuan/ton. There is not much supply from merchants, but the transaction surface is weak, the terminal demand is weak, and the market pace is slow. 121h is quoted at RMB/ton, and ac800 is quoted at RMB 15700/ton. The above prices are tax exclusive

Dongguan ABS market fell by 50 yuan/ton, resulting in high transaction pressure. Traders do not have many sources of goods, and most transactions are in small batches. The terminal demand is weak, and the overall supply of goods is not much. 0215a is reported as RMB/ton, 750A is reported as RMB 15000/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower. The above prices are tax exclusive. Wanhua chemical plans to make it in 2025

ps market dynamics:

Shunde PS market transactions were dismal, and some quotations continued to decline. Upside down situation is not uncommon. The market source of goods is slowly digested, and the merchants holding goods are more on the sidelines, reporting 525 yuan/ton and 123p reporting 12100 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

the quotation of Dongguan PS market is basically stable, the market supply level remains high, there is little procurement in the intense wait-and-see of the terminal, and the merchants holding chemical goods in the market generally hold the shipment upside down, and the transaction is still profitable. 525 is reported as 12000 yuan/ton, 123 is reported as 12400 yuan/ton, and the above quotation does not include tax

the PS market in Ningbo is light, and there are few purchases in the terminal wait-and-see. 622 reports 14000 yuan/ton, 251 and 232 reports 13000 yuan/ton. The mechanical fatigue spring testing machine of Nanjing Jinan testing machine factory is driven by the connecting cam of electromechanical and reducer to drive the connecting rod to do reciprocating motion. The wave table 5250 reports 13000 yuan/ton (grade a material), 8250 reports 14000 yuan/ton (grade a material), Yixing 525 reports 12700-12800 yuan/ton, pg33 reports 13600 yuan/ton, ph88 reports 14700 yuan/ton. The market supply level is still high, and the actual settlement is negotiated

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