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Vanke meijialianmiling communication creates a leading service industry call center

the service industry with many customers will always be at a loss in the face of customer management. The huge customer data database is always difficult to deal with through early participation and timely delivery according to the customer's production plan; At the same time, how to bring good service experience to customers and effectively communicate with customers? As a famous full decoration brand under Vanke, Vanke meijiajia has encountered these problems since its inception

the person in charge of Vanke meijiajia raised these puzzles when contacting the miling communication technology team. At the same time, it is also necessary to have an activity notification function in the system. It is hoped that Vanke owners can be notified in selected areas to provide good services to customers and comprehensively improve customer satisfaction

1. Trust promotes cooperation, customize and develop practical functions

also as the technical director, the person in charge of meimeijia believes in the more than 10 years of call center construction and implementation experience of miling communication, and has seen the smart medical industry independently developed by miling communication! Call call center system. After demonstrating more than 50 functions of the system, they immediately decided to cooperate. According to their needs, miling communication customized and developed the activity notification function for them. Vanke has many owners. The business needs of meijiajia are mainly to inform the owners to participate in the home decoration exhibition and seek the home decoration needs of the owners. Miling communication customizes and develops the activity notification function. It can create new activities in the system, create the theme of each home decoration activity and the specific activity content, time and other matters. In the column of notifier, you can select the owners who need to be notified, so that the notification can be directional, differentiated and more targeted, After selecting the corresponding owner, you can start to distribute call tasks to the seats in the smartcall call call center system. Through professional directional owner notification and screening, you can better record the owner's home decoration needs and improve the sales performance of the sensor of the electronic universal testing machine that has been paid more and more attention by the government departments, although it is not easy to destroy the sales performance

2. Process management of customers to improve work efficiency in an all-round way

after the call task is completed, according to the recorded owner information and home decoration needs, the background of miling communication call center system can automatically generate a form, which can also be used for customer check-in at home decoration exhibitions. On the one hand, this is convenient for on-site management. On the other hand, by booking the number of customers on this form, the cost of controlling home decoration meetings can be fully invested. In the later stage, according to the home decoration needs of these customers, after entering the system, it will enter the order management and order module links in the smartcall call call center system, which is convenient for later order management; From the development of customers' home decoration needs to business negotiation and order management, the whole process is completed in the milling communication call center system. The process management improves the work efficiency. Through the intuitive graphic analysis of the sales funnel, we can grasp the sales leads more accurately, and a variety of screening and reminder methods are convenient for customers to follow up

due to the particularity of the service industry itself, there are many customer resource management, so in the selection of call center, we should pay more attention to whether its functions meet the needs of business development. The meter collar communication call center that can be customized according to the needs of business development is a choice

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