The hottest valve is combined with fluorine lining

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The valve is lined with fluorine to solve the dilemma that metal valves cannot resist strong acids and alkalis.

polytetrafluoroethylene: commonly known as "plastic king", is a polymer compound polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene, which has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication, non viscosity, electrical insulation and good anti-aging resistance

polytetrafluoroethylene: commonly known as "plastic king", it is a high molecular compound polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene, which has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication, non viscosity, electrical insulation and good aging resistance

in 1936, Roy Plunkett, the father of fluororesin, began to study the substitutes of Freon at DuPont company in the United States, and polytetrafluoroethylene was first discovered. The study found that polytetrafluoroethylene has excellent properties and can be used for anti fusion sealing gaskets of atomic bombs, shells, etc., so the U.S. military kept this technology confidential during World War II. It was not declassified until the end of World War II, and polytetrafluoroethylene was industrialized in 1946. It was introduced into China in 1964. It was in that year that Zhu Xiao was born. Since then, the indissoluble bond between Zhu Xiao and "fluorine" has been opened

the second close contact with "fluorine"

in the mid-1980s, Zhu Xiaoyou began to sell fluorine-containing waste products through price difference. In 1989, Yongzhong fluoroplastic machinery factory, the predecessor of Youfu tight pipe valve Co., Ltd., was established in Yongzhong West Road, Longwan, Wenzhou, to produce fluoroplastic products by extracting fluoroplastic materials

at that time, it was not long after the reform and opening up, and the production technology of fluoroplastics was relatively backward. However, with the reform and opening up, the application scope of fluoroplastics in the industrial field continued to expand. Zhu Xiaoyou, who had a deep understanding of fluorine from the beginning, took the lead in researching and developing the application technology of fluoroplastics and various high-tech products based on his previous understanding of the properties and characteristics of fluoroplastics

after years of continuous efforts to overcome various technical problems, we finally successfully launched various innovative products to the market, which has been highly recognized by users and customers

Zhu Xiaoyou has been researching, designing and developing fluoroplastic application processes and high-tech products day and night by establishing a technical team. Up to now, the company has obtained 33 patents for invention, utility model and appearance design to form an efficient platform, many of which have filled the gap in China

combine "fluorine lining" with valves

in 1997, after continuous close contact with fluorine, Zhu Xiaoyou began to overcome difficulties and better integrate fluorine lining technology with valve manufacturing

at first, fluorine lined valve products were popular in the market. By lining some internal structures of the valve with polytetrafluoroethylene, the medium can be isolated from contact with steel parts, so as to avoid corrosion of the valve body. And in the process of using the valve, it will be more convenient, flexible and accurate

however, due to the fact that fluorine material is a kind of high polymer new technology anti-corrosion material, the molding process is relatively complex. Fortunately, Zhu Xiaoyou has been in contact with fluorine for many years. Based on his understanding of the characteristics of fluorine, he has started a bold research and development to better combine fluorine lining technology with valve manufacturing

the combination of fluorine lining and valves is an industry with high technical content, because it changes the performance of metal general-purpose valves that cannot withstand strong acids and alkalis. Moreover, due to the high price of rare metal materials, it is difficult to popularize and use them on a large scale. The reasonable price of fluorine materials, excellent chemical properties, China's recent comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology, excellent processing characteristics, so that it can be widely promoted and used

after several years of development, in order to adapt to the trend of the market, the factory name was changed to Zhejiang youflumi Valve Co., Ltd. Since then, a new era of "fluorine lining" and valves has been opened

in addition to fluorine lined valves, fluorine lined pipes, pipe fittings, containers, hoses, compensators, regulating valves and other applications in the pharmaceutical industry, military industry, chlor alkali industry, metallurgical industry and other new products are one of the fluorine dense promotion projects

build a "fluorine" empire in an all-round way

in order to adapt to the rapid development of the company, due to the shortage of land resources in Wenzhou and its high price, the government has divided Longwan District and Ouhai District into industrial land that has not been provided by the government for 10 years. For the faster and better development of enterprises, 70 mu of land was requisitioned in Fujian in 2004 to build more than 50000 square meters. At that time, a total investment of 66 million yuan was invested to build a new plant as a fluorine dense production base

in 2009, in order to facilitate unified procurement and sales, Wenzhou headquarters was set up, with a land acquisition of 10.5 Mu and a construction area of more than 15000 square meters in Longwan high tech park. In 2011, a fluorocarbon headquarters building and a high-end product manufacturing and R & D center were built

the headquarters has fluorocarbon processing center, welding robot, fluorocarbon dust-free workshop, fluorocarbon CNC workshop and other production workshops, leading the industry with leading technology. In April, 2008, youflumi built a "comprehensive performance simulation laboratory for anti-corrosion pumps, valves and pipes", and provided a highly skilled testing system, including quality management, pressure testing, performance testing center, high and low temperature testing, and spark testing, to provide integrated testing for products

in 2014, due to the demolition and land resettlement of the old factory, Youfu dense ceramic valve technology Co., Ltd. is now under construction

since its establishment for 25 years, the company has won many honorary titles, such as "national high-tech enterprise", "top 20 anti-corrosion pressure pipeline enterprises in China", "334 building ground engineering, the most influential enterprise in China's fluoroplastic processing industry", "Wenzhou patent demonstration enterprise", "top 20 foreign trade export enterprises in the national anti-corrosion industry", "Wenzhou quality and Technical Supervision Bureau measurement and testing system certificate" and so on, Drafting and participating in the formulation of two national standards

innovation is the soul of long-term development of an enterprise

under the leadership of Zhu Xiaoyou, the company's technical team has assiduously studied the manufacturing technology of series lined valves

as of 2014, youflutamide has 32 national patents. A number of core technology products designed or developed by Zhu Xiaoyou have received great repercussions in the market, and won many international and national awards for the company, such as the "3rd Einstein World new technology and new products international gold award", "51st Brussels Eureka International Gold Award", "9th China patent new technology and new products Expo Gold Award", and won the "industry famous brand products" "Quality trustworthy product of China Quality Association", "provincial excellent new product" and other titles

Zhu Xiaoyou said that in the long-term business practice, youflumi has always put "scientific and technological innovation" in the first place and regarded "science and technology lead the market and innovation drive development" as its lifeline. We adhere to the "endless improvement of the scientific and technological content of products and quality assurance" as a lifelong great cause, and gradually formed a complete anti-corrosion product system with "polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) products, fluorine lined valves, fluorine lined pipe fittings, fluorine lined compensators, industrial lined containers, anti-corrosion chemical pumps, etc." as the pillar industries. In the past 25 years, many new products independently developed by our company have stood out in the fierce market competition, It has become a landmark product in China's anti-corrosion industry

at the same time, Zhu Xiaoyou also said that innovation is boundless and old-fashioned is difficult to do. This is our slogan for many years. Especially in the transformation and upgrading, we should build machine replacement, dust-free workshops, smart factories, promote enterprise management e-commerce and cloud computing supermarkets, implement made in China, and combine 2025 Internet + intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0. These are our future innovation and improvement plans

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