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Recently, according to jimcolliss, general manager of Braintree printing company in the United States, the era of printing materials with a large number and simple post press processing is gradually declining. With the increase of the volume of variable data printing services, 2012 may become the year of personalized printing

the era of printing materials with a large number and simple post press processing is gradually declining. Customers want to communicate directly with their customers, hoping to provide them with unique information, pictures and barcodes through accurate personal information. Jim said

braintree printing company recently added a renamach5 digital color envelope printing system. In addition, the company previously owned a Xerox Aijiang 4 digital printing machine Shanghai Electric, an OSI vario print 6250 and a Xerox nuvera120 black rdquo; Nangang wide and thick plate staff informed the white printing system. All these devices are specially configured for variable data printing

Jim continued to add that customers' demand for product index labels and variable data books has increased rapidly. In 2012, it is estimated that at the moment of transformation, with the revision of the new year's market data by enterprises, Braintree printing company saw that many enterprises chose variable data printing, and enterprises prepared personalized printing promotional materials for the large-scale conferences and exhibitions that the company will participate in

at the same time, according to regional reports, many regular customers began to collect a large number of professional and organized printed materials. Index labels can realize the function of simple display of printed matter with multiple pages. Therefore, index labels printed with variable data can make every book look more professional

braintree printing company's secret of success is short printing time and strong practicality. Driven by this advantage, finally, when entering the variable data printing market, the company can also continue to maintain its leading position. The pipes after pressure test can be inspected at the next station, and the pipes with unqualified pressure test and diameter can be automatically classified

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