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Rooted in China's technology driven trillion car aftermarket -- an exclusive interview with Mr. Cheng Zede, President of SK lubricants Greater China

rooted in China's technology driven trillion car aftermarket -- an exclusive interview with Mr. Cheng Zede, President of SK lubricants Greater China

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what other fireworks can the surging passion of football and the harmony and smoothness of lubricants collide? At Barcelona club in Spain, maybe you can find the best answer! Recently, at the invitation of SK lubricant, the official partner of Barcelona club, China Lubricant information (), lubricant market magazine, together with sina sports, Tencent auto, auto home and other industry leading media, have personally visited the Camp Nou stadium to witness the 37th round of La Liga between Barcelona and hetafe, cheer for Barcelona, and witness the glorious moment when SK lubricant helps Barcelona climb to the top, It marks a perfect prelude to sk Lubricants' 2019 VIP media day

the six-day trip to Barcelona was unforgettable, and we benefited a lot from the in-depth communication with SK lubricating oil assembly during the trip. As a senior executive of SK China, the second largest multinational group in South Korea, and a general manager stationed in China for more than 20 years, how do you view the new pattern of China's automotive aftermarket and the future development trend of the industry? Facing the new car market adjustment and the challenges of new energy vehicles, how will SK grasp the new machine and continue to write brilliant? As the leading all media platform of the lubricant industry integrated with automotive and machinery genes, China Lubricant information () specially interviewed Mr. Cheng Zaide, President of SK lubricant Greater China, to listen to how general assembly led SK lubricant to root in China and drive the brand management of trillion car aftermarket with technology

rooted in China and deeply rooted in the market

the assembly in front of me looks like a university professor, but his speech is full of the perseverance and acumen of entrepreneurs, and his thinking is smart and clear. As the president of SK lubricants Greater China, he is a "China hand". President Cheng not only participated in the development of SK Group's Chinese market, but also was successively invited to serve as the economic adviser of the municipal governments of Chengdu, Sichuan and Jieyang, Guangdong. With his deep understanding of the industry and global vision, he offered advice and suggestions for China's economic development and built a bridge of friendship between China and South Korea

When talking about China's lubricant industry, Mr. Cheng Zaide, President of SK lubricant Greater China, pointed out that China has become the world's second largest lubricant market. In recent years, although the market demand has fluctuated, it has increased steadily as a whole, especially the demand for automotive lubricants has increased significantly, and the quality has changed significantly to high-end. Sk lubricating oil belongs to SK group of South Korea, one of the world's top 500 companies, and is one of the representative products of SK energy. The latter is the largest supplier of lubricating oil and global lubricating oil base oil in South Korea. Its share of three types of base oil accounts for half of the global market, and has long provided high-end base oil for domestic and foreign first-line lubricating oil brands. Fulfilling the high-end commitment to serve the global market, SK lubricant adopts yubase class III base oil developed by SK's independent patented technology and refined and blended with high-performance additives, which not only creates a distinct image of "cutting-edge market leader", but also occupies the first place in the Korean lubricant market for 15 consecutive years, and has successively obtained the certification of general motors, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Kia and other well-known automobile brands, In April 2019, it obtained the certification of VW 508.00/509.00, the latest specification of Volkswagen. In the Chinese market, it has become a long-term lubricant supplier for many well-known automobile, engineering machinery and engine enterprises, such as Volkswagen, general motors, Hyundai, Kia, Southeast, Zoomlion, Doosan, Weichai, etc

"in order to let more channel terminals and consumers know, use and trust SK lubricants, SK lubricants will continue to increase brand investment in the Chinese market in the future. In 2018, SK lubricants signed a contract with Barcelona football club to become its brand partner, and our products have also won the favor of more consumers." Taking the opportunity of this trip to Barcelona, President Cheng hopes to work together with well-known domestic mainstream media, including China Lubricant information and lubricant market, to cheer for Barcelona, the official partner of SK lubricant, and jointly witness the new journey of SK lubricant in China

"mediation makes the heart and body free from tiredness. Although they do business all day, it does not harm them to be saints and sages". During the trip to Barcelona in the past week, we were deeply impressed by Cheng's meticulous, patient and interesting life philosophy. During the accompanying conversation, we learned that as a devout Christian, General Assembly prays on time every morning. No matter how hurried the daily journey is, he always follows the guidance of his heart, insists on setting aside time to communicate with God every day, and responds to the daily business management work with inner peace. It is understood that the president has been stationed in China for more than 20 years, and has fully participated in the strategic decisions of SK group in China, from energy, communication, trade, finance, to logistics, construction, sports and even animation culture. His familiarity with the five languages makes it easier for him to make business decisions and cooperate with a global perspective. After years of experience in various senior management positions of SK group, general manager Cheng has a deep understanding of the petrochemical industry chain. In fact, before becoming the president of SK lubricating oil, he had participated in the establishment of SK Group's lubricating oil brand "Jike Zic", which means "21 century" - it was the initiative of the assembly to face the future; As the president of SK lubricating oil, in order to get in touch with the latest market situation on the front line in a timely manner, "close to the ground" listened to the voice of the industry. In about two years of entering the lubricating oil section, he led the sales team to dig deep into the terminal for many times, and communicated face-to-face with dealers, stores and technicians. What he wanted was to hear the "gunfire" of the market in person. Let him always maintain a keen judgment on every challenge and opportunity in the market, and lead SK lubricants to set sail in the blue ocean of China's trillion automotive aftermarket

Mr. Cheng Zaide, President of SK lubricants Greater China (second from the right), Mr. Yu jiongzai, deputy general manager (first from the right), cordial group photo with Mr. Wang Jianwei, CEO of China lubricants information (second from the left), and Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager

on site group photo of SK lubricants VIP media Barcelona trip

hand in hand to convey the concept of "happiness", cross-border sports marketing to improve brand charm

the cooperation between "SK lubricants" and Barcelona team is a classic of the general assembly. On August 18, 2018, SK lubricants chose to hold a press conference on this special "818" day, officially announcing that the company has become the official partner of world football giants La Liga and Barcelona, while upgrading all its gasoline engine oils to 100% fully synthetic lubricant products. As a representative of the industry media, China lubricating oil information () once visited the scene to jointly feel the brand feast presented by the general assembly for the world industry. At the scene, in addition to the warm reception from SK, we also clearly felt several differences between this press conference and the sponsorship of peer events: first, the specification is high. The host assembly participated as the president of SK lubricants Greater China, and the sponsor Barcelona is Jody, the executive director of Asia Pacific Campos attended in person, legendary star mendita attended in particular, and CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, Xinhua and other central media also participated in the press conference, which will include the construction of two coal to gas plants; Cheng explained at the press conference that SK lubricant has long adhered to the development concept of delivering "happiness" and has a global leading strength in products, technologies, brands and channels. He hopes that SK lubricant can also implement this concept in the Chinese market, so that more people can know SK, then like SK, and deliver "happiness" to partners and consumers. This concept has also been deeply recognized by Barcelona, "China is a very important market, and we hope to provide consumers with more services and more valuable products."

The cross-border cooperation between SK and Barcelona is undoubtedly far-reaching and extremely successful. Baidu Index showed that on the day after the press conference (Saturday), SK lubricating oil index rose 162 times compared with the usual, and reached a peak of 317 times the next day (Monday). After that, it remained high for nearly a week until it was surpassed by SK lubricating oil VIP media Barcelona (517 times). Together with Barcelona twice, SK lubricant has brought ultra-high brand influence, which has become an important key for SK to improve its brand reputation. Cheng said that thanks to the cooperation between SK and Barcelona, SK's products have successfully won the favor of more consumers. In the future, SK lubricants will continue to increase brand investment in the Chinese market, so that more channel terminals and consumers can understand, use and trust SK lubricants. It is reported that in the next three years of cooperation, SK lubricants will carry out in-depth cooperation with Barcelona officials, and online will bring more novel and social experiences to Barcelona fans and consumers in Barcelona's official Facebook, Weibo, youtube and other social fields; Many offline derivatives related to Barcelona will be developed and sold offline, so that more consumers can understand and fully understand the high-quality products and services of SK lubricants while feeling the charm of Barcelona football

respond to challenges with technology driven and base oil resource advantages

as one of the world base oil market leaders, SK group is famous in the industry for its excellent quality of three types of base oil, accounting for half of the global industry market; In China, SK energy is mainly engaged in base oil supply business, with sales revenue accounting for more than 85% of the revenue of Chinese companies. Its market share is growing steadily, and it has been recognized by the group headquarters for a long time. Facing the high-end trend of consumption upgrading in the Chinese industry market, the growth and rise of a new generation of young car owners, and the new trend of market branding, personalization and service, how will SK leverage this market blue ocean and provide consumers with new choices

explore the growth of SK lubricants in the Chinese market, and the changes in the new car market in 2018 have always been a barrier that cannot be bypassed. In 2018, China's auto sales faced the first negative growth in 28 years. At the same time, new energy vehicle sales soared, with a year-on-year increase of more than 60%. The decline in auto sales means that the internal auto industry will be more intense, and the market shock during the "survival of the fittest" period will have an unpredictable impact on the post market; As an important part of the automotive aftermarket, the "cake" of the lubricant industry market has become smaller. Facing the rising uncertainty in the future, some industry insiders have issued pessimistic comments. However, in the view of President Cheng, the future of the Chinese market is obviously not the case. Being vigilant in times of peace and actively adjusting the enterprise market strategy are the brand right path of the industry under the changing times

in the view of general assembly, the growth rate of China's lubricant market in the next 20 years will slow down and enter a low growth stage in the short term, but its absolute value increase trend will not change. The increased demand for high-end lubricants will bring new development opportunities to the lubricant industry. He said that the accelerating energy-saving and environmental protection policies and regulations, such as national VI, non road IV and fuel economy, put forward new requirements for the hardware of the host plant, making the host plant have higher and higher technical requirements for the quality grade, environmental protection performance and energy saving of lubricating oil products. Therefore, the technical content requirements for high-end products are also higher, and products that do not meet the above requirements will gradually withdraw from the market. "After the survival of the fittest, lubricating oil products that meet advanced emission standards and increasingly stringent energy-saving regulations will gradually become the mainstream of the market."

the development trend of automotive power electrification has been confirmed

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