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Vapor phase antirust film: the constantly improving functional film

normal> vapor phase antirust plastic film (vcif for short) is a kind of protective inner packaging material made by adding vapor phase inhibitor (VCI) to the plastic film in a certain way. Compared with other antirust packaging materials, it is transparent, flexible, sealable, processable, high barrier, beautiful, convenient and economical


normal> vapor phase antirust plastic film can meet the packaging of metal products of different specifications, ranging from a few millimeters to the whole aircraft. Due to the wide range of products packed with vcif internally, it has achieved excellent antirust effect for more than 2 years

normal> thin structure form of vapor phase antirust plastic

normal> according to PCI, the structure, function and manufacturing process can be divided into various forms, and have their own characteristics and scope of application. At present, there are two types: coating type and extrusion blow molding type

normal> coating type

normal> coating type film is made by evenly coating adhesive, VCI and solvent on corona treated film and drying with polyethylene, polypropylene or other plastic film as the carrier. The production method is similar to that of vapor phase antirust paper

normal> its advantages are that VCI has a wide selection range, good rust prevention effect, is not limited by high temperature, and rust prevention is rapid in the early stage. However, the disadvantages are poor appearance uniformity, poor transparency, coating easy to be rubbed off and stick to metal products or suffer losses, drying of solvents (such as ethanol, toluene, gasoline, etc.) consumes energy and causes certain environmental pollution

normal> coating type was fully studied as a basic method in the early stage of the production of vcif. At the same time, it has the elasticity of rubber. With the production of CO extrusion blow molding method, the research and application of this method will stay

normal> extrusion blow molding

normal> extrusion blow molding is formed by mixing VCI directly into plastic particles and co extrusion blow molding, or by granulating VCI and co extrusion blow molding with plastic particles

normal> compared with coated products, it has the characteristics of high transparency, clean appearance, beautiful appearance and easy processing. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery and found that their own plastic extrusion machinery is the mainstream of vapor phase antirust plastic film today

normal> the disadvantages are that the rust prevention effect is slow in the early stage, VCI is easy to vaporize, liquefy or deteriorate in the production process (155-200 ℃), which affects the manufacturing process and rust prevention effect, the barrier is smaller than the coating type, and it is easy to condense, etc

normal> with the improvement of VCI synthesis level, the expansion of the scope and the relatively complete development and structural adjustment of the experimental machine produced by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. with the corresponding additives, the above problems will be greatly improved, and will be further developed as one of the main products of rust proof packaging materials in the next few decades

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