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Variable data printing is still a dream (I)

since the first appearance of digital printing press eight years ago, variable data printing in the imaging field has been shrouded in a halo. First of all, variable data color printing is touted as a way and scheme to solve those unpopular things. But like the prospects of other technologies, it cannot survive all kinds of boasting

at present, the situation has changed to some extent. Variable data printing has gradually become people's choice. At the same time, the price of full-color printing, which is famous for its speed, simplicity and reliability, is also declining, even much lower than last year's price

users who finally realized the feasibility of variable data printing began to seek how to make use of this technology. Printing machine retailers have also begun to provide devices driven by RIP that can eventually process variable data, tailored to different page sizes and printing speeds

but trendwatch, an excellent monitoring company in the printing industry, believes that these phenomena may be an illusion. As an opportunity for printers and digital printing equipment manufacturers, digital color variable printing operations, such as indigo's uncertain material sources and Xeikon's printing machines, showed a downward trend last year, and digital color variable data operations plummeted to 4% from 26% a year ago. However, the report of the consulting agency also mentioned that the number of small commercial printers (enterprises with no more than 9 employees) that began to print variable data last spring increased from 4% to 7%

trendwatch believes that unless there is a dramatic change, multiple materials should be used together. As expected by indigo and other companies, variable data printing is still a dream. The company pointed out that although some advocates of variable data printing strongly touted it, the acceptance response of the market was slow; The Internet industry, which is in a state of repetition, seems to be able to better adapt to the personalized market demand

regardless of the facts, trendwatch concludes that variable data printing is fundamentally based on color copiers and digital printers

for fast and small commercial printers, Xerox docucolor 2045 and 2060, and even docucolor 12 have the ability to realize variable data printing. Moreover, commercial printing companies, document service institutions and internal departments are also using these devices to realize variable data printing

in fact, some already have indigo or Xerox docucolo to better meet the needs of modern research and development of green plastic packaging, which has become the target of many enterprises. The users of R 2060 are considering further adopting Xerox Technology, regardless of variable data printing and non variable data printing, because it has stronger functions, lower operating costs and excellent printing quality. Next year, Xerox will launch a new printing machine, currently called futurecolor, which is expected to further reduce the cost per page

in addition, among the digital printing equipment, nExpress is worth mentioning. It was used to demonstrate the operation of variable data printing at the CeBIT exhibition held in Hanover, Germany a few months ago. Nexpress2100 is expected to be launched in early 2002

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