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Capital Integration: exciting point of paper forest construction recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the decision on accelerating forestry development. This is a programmatic document guiding the accelerated development of China's forestry under the new situation, and a mobilization order issued by the CPC Central Committee to the whole Party and the country in the new century to rebuild beautiful mountains and rivers. At present, the output of economic forest products in China has reached 68.8 million tons, ranking first in the world. Among them, the forestry paper integration project accounts for a considerable proportion

capital integration is the "exciting point" of the development of forestry and paper industry. Now, local governments and large enterprises have seen the importance of forest management. China must take the path of wood pulp and paper to develop the paper industry. Therefore, it is urgent to build forest paper base, implement capital integration, and carry out large-scale, professional and intensive management. To this end, I recently interviewed Gu Minda, an expert in China's forestry and paper integration

Gu Minda told that since the official launch of the construction project of fast-growing and high-yield forest bases in key regions of China in 2002, the development momentum has been very strong. All regions have issued preferential policies for the construction of commercial forests, and timber enterprises have established their own raw material forest bases. In 2002, the country built fast-growing and high-yield forests 11 420000 hectares. By the end of 2002, more than 70 paper-making enterprises had submitted afforestation plans, with a total area of 5.68 million hectares. If it is finished, it can produce 15million tons of wood pulp per year --

Guangdong and Guangdong: a joint forest management mechanism has been gradually formed.

GU Minda told that Guangdong Leizhou Forestry Bureau has now created 83300 hectares of fast-growing forests that can be used as paper pulp raw material forests. Including 45300 hectares of Eucalyptus

at present, there are more than 166700 hectares of Eucalyptus in the province, and the annual export of Eucalyptus chips in the province is about 1million tons. There are 8 foreign-funded afforestation projects with a contract amount of more than 300 million yuan

according to the information provided by the forestry department, at present, the development of fast-growing and high-yield forests in Guangdong Province adopts a combination of government support, social compensation, mass investment and foreign capital supplement, and the joint mechanism of forestry investment is gradually taking shape. The non-public afforestation in Guangdong Province has exceeded 1million hectares

Guangzhou Paper Co., Ltd. is tightening up the electric power. After obtaining the electric power, it often needs to be enlarged to implement the "forest paper integration" project, and build a new paper forest base of 53000 hectares on the basis of the original forest base of 38000 hectares. Among them, 40000 hectares of fast-growing and high-yield forests are newly built, and 13300 hectares of Pinus massoniana medium and young forests are cultivated. The tree species include Pinus massoniana, Caribbean pine, hybrid pine, Eucalyptus urophylla or other fast-growing Eucalyptus. After the completion of the new forest base, the area of Guangzhi afforestation base will reach 86700 hectares

at the same time, the Forestry Department of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province and Shandong Senbo pulp and paper company have cooperated to afforest 40000 hectares, with an investment of 246million yuan. A nursery base of 26.7 hectares will also be established. The first phase of afforestation has been fully started in the spring of 2003. The emergence of business opportunities and the excellent investment environment in Guangdong have attracted a number of foreign investors to enter the forest paper integration project. Taiwan Zhonghua pulp company and yongfengyu British Virgin Islands company have built 16700 hectares of paper raw material forest base in Dingfeng paper company. Singapore Asia Paper Co., Ltd. has established high-yield forest (paper) Base Companies in Shaoguan City and Qingyuan City respectively. It plans to afforest 78670 hectares, Thailand chenghecheng Group operates 5300 hectares in Shanwei, Thailand jinzhun investment company operates 0.667 hectares in Taishan, and the Sino foreign joint venture project with an annual output of 700000 tons of chemical wood pulp has been launched in Zhanjiang, which is jointly funded by China Fuxing pulp and Paper Co., Ltd The construction of the raw material forest base jointly invested by Guangdong Yuecai Investment Co., Ltd. and Finland UPM group is also carried out simultaneously

president Gu said that Guangxi is expected to build a large papermaking raw material base. By 2005, 666700 hectares of fast-growing and high-yield forests will be built in Guangxi. Guangxi Forestry Department has optimized and reorganized the assets of the whole region. Guangxi Gaofeng group Forest Pulp and paper industry (Group) Co., Ltd., which is composed of eight state-owned forest farms and two industrial and commercial enterprises with a registered capital of 888 million yuan, was established, and signed a cooperation framework agreement with Stora Enso, Finland, to speed up the preparation of Qinzhou Linhai Industrial Park. The first phase of cooperation will build a 600000 ton pulp project and create a 200000 hectare fast-growing and high-yield eucalyptus forest base. Nanning Fenghuang paper company, He county Heda paper company and Guofa forestry paper company are all actively carrying out afforestation

Hainan: Gu Minda, the "marriage" between the government and foreign capital, said that Indonesia's Jinguang Group invested in the construction of an annual output of 800000 tons of Jinhai Pulp Mill in Hainan. While building the plant, the Group invested heavily in afforestation. Up to now, Jinguang group has invested about 500million yuan to complete the afforestation area of 46700 hectares, and has built a nursery covering an area of 70 hectares in Anding County, raising 27million seedlings. Except for forested 4 In addition to 670000 hectares, Jinguang group began to rebuild 40000-66700 hectares of new forests in Hainan this year

Jinguang group plans to build 233000 hectares of pulp and paper forest base in Hainan Province. This plan has been approved by the provincial government and implemented year by year

the Hainan provincial government attaches great importance to afforestation in Hainan by foreign businessmen. In July 2003, governor Wang Xiaofeng met with Huang Zhiyuan, President of Jinguang group, and stressed that in combination with the implementation of the project of returning farmland to forests in Hainan Province, we should focus on the construction of Jinguang base and carry out afforestation. We should actively promote the reform of the company's operation mode while supporting large forestry professionals, so that the four exhibition halls of those exhibitions are: international advanced materials and scientific research achievements Museum The Museum of composite materials and high molecular materials, the Museum of high-performance metal materials and powder metallurgy, and the Museum of new inorganic non-metallic materials are large enterprises with strong strength in capital, technology and management, and have become the leading force of artificial afforestation. The construction of the base must improve various afforestation policies, the first is the economic benefit distribution policy, the second is the forest land management policy, and the third is the ecological environment policy. This work should be completed with high quality, so that the golden light group and Hainan Province can achieve a win-win situation

the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River: the paper industry capital joins hands with the local government

GU Minda told that Yueyang forest paper group had long proposed to take the paper forest base as the first workshop of pulp and paper enterprises. The group has invested more than 1 million yuan and signed contracts with more than 30 towns and townships in neighboring counties and cities to jointly afforest 10000 hectares and purchase 400 hectares of self run forest farms in barren mountains suitable for forestry. After nearly 20 years of forest management and protection, the group has 6700 hectares of mature forests, nearly 4000 hectares of medium and young forests, and the total volume of live trees in the base exceeds 500000 cubic meters. Now, most of the paper forests have entered the rotation period, and have become an important source of wood raw materials for Yuezhou Paper Group

the 100000 hectare pulp forest base built by Yuezhi group is centered on Chenglingji, around Dongting Lake and in the lower reaches of Hunan, Ziyuan, yuan and Li rivers. With the implementation of the national policy of returning farmland to lakes, 400000 hectares of farmland have been returned. These lands are flooded for no more than one month in a year, which is conducive to large-scale afforestation. In order to better integrate forestry and paper industry, Yueyang Paper Group changed its name to "Yueyang Forest Paper Group Co., Ltd" in early 2003. Yue Paper Group plans to build a 100000 hectare paper forest base in Dongting Lake area by 2010, with a total investment of about 500million yuan. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, it will focus on the construction of an annual output of 120000 tons of offset book and journal paper project, which is expected to be put into operation in 2003

Hubei province accelerates the construction of fast-growing and high-yield forests, and the forestry department accelerates the construction of poplar and slash pine. According to the requirements of some product standards and the needs of customer enterprises, plastic films or sheets should be made into experimental forests with right angle tearing properties to support the development of forest paper projects. Wuhan Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 200000 tons of pulp project and 3 The construction of 30000 hectares of raw material forest base is being accelerated. Dafeng Paper Co., Ltd., Wuhan Fuhua Bioengineering Co., Ltd. and the improved species breeding base of China poplar commission are also developing papermaking fast-growing forest bases. The Hubei provincial government is paying close attention to the establishment of the Talman Suizhou million ton project. In recent years, the forest paper industry has become an important economic growth point in some mountainous, hilly and even plain counties and cities in Hubei Province. By vigorously developing fast-growing and high-yield forests and paper industry dominated by poplar, local economic and social benefits can be improved

Jiangsu province accelerates the implementation of the forestry paper integration project. Through investigation and analysis, Jiangsu Xinda Paper Group decided to make full use of the advantages of the fast-growing poplar base in Northern Jiangsu, actively implement the integration of Forest Pulp and paper, develop the wood pulp and paper industry, build a production line with an annual output of 200000 tons of APMP pulp and offset book paper, and build 13300 pulp raw material forests in stages and batches to avoid damage caused by the action of hydraulic chuck due to error operation. After the completion of the project, the production scale of Xinda group can reach 350000 tons per year

Shuangdeng Paper Co., Ltd. makes full use of the existing poplar resources in Yancheng City and its surrounding areas. At the same time, it uses the 459400 hectares of beaches along the coast of Yancheng City to build 40000 hectares of fast-growing and high-yield poplar forest base in batches, build a new BCTMP pulp production line with an annual output of 200000 tons, and produce 100000 tons of high-grade sanitary paper and commercial wood pulp

Shandong: large enterprise joint venture

Gu Minda said that Shandong is a large papermaking province. In recent years, large enterprises have invested heavily in building raw material forest bases. Relying on the inherent advantages of Yanzhou farmland forest and the relatively high gardening construction standards of township villagers, Taiyang paper company has accelerated the development of Triploid Populus tomentosa. At present, the situation of seedling cultivation and afforestation of Populus tomentosa is satisfactory. It has completed the seedling cultivation area of 320 hectares and afforestation of nearly 3300 hectares, including 20000 hectares in Yanzhou and 13000 hectares in Jining, Wenshang, Jiaxiang, Zoucheng and other counties and cities. Sun Paper Group plans to spend years to develop a seedling base of 0670 hectares, afforest 13300 hectares in Yanzhou, radiate 66700 hectares to Jining City and other regions, and build a 300000 ton pulping project to form a one-stop operation and integrated management of seedling cultivation, afforestation, pulping, papermaking and scientific research

Quanlin Paper Group established the Ministry of forestry as early as 2000, officially launched the forest paper integration project, merged County farms and county forest farms, and established the largest triploid Populus tomentosa nursery in China. At the end of 2001, Quanlin paper industry established Quanlin Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., and the Quanlin forest paper integration project has become a demonstration project of Forest Pulp paper integration in Shandong Province. By the end of 2002, the company has signed tree planting contracts with nearly 10000 farmers in 10 counties in Northwest Shandong, and has completed the planting area of 67000 hectares. At the same time, it is actively expanding the promotion work in surrounding provinces, counties and cities. 40000 hectares of paper forest will be built in the first phase of the project by 2010, and 80000 hectares of paper forest will be completed in the second phase of the project by 2015. According to a rotation period of five years, 30000 hectares can meet the pulping needs of the enterprise itself

Huatai Group plans to invest 1.45 billion yuan to build 40000 hectares of fast-growing forests and 300000 tons of APMP pulp plant in Dongying City by 2005 using wasteland suitable for forestry and returning farmland to forest land. Huatai papermaking raw material forest base was included in the national master plan for fast-growing and high-yield forest construction project formulated by the State Forestry Administration. The forestry base has been listed as the 2003 forestry sand control discount loan project by the State Forestry Administration and the provincial forestry department. To this end, the Dongying Municipal Party committee and the Dongying Municipal government issued the implementation plan of the paper forest pilot project, and formulated a series of preferential policies in terms of financial support, land coordination, tax collection and so on. Huatai Group established a forestry company, which is specially responsible for the development, construction and management of paper forest base. At the same time, it actively encourages afforestation and strives to develop "order forestry" by taking measures such as providing high-quality seedlings to partners, prepaying part of the funds every year, and promising the lowest protection price and full purchase of the timber produced by partners. The pulp forest base of Huatai Group is planned to be built by 2010

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