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Vanke spent 40 billion to 60 billion to settle in Shenzhen Metro

Vanke announced on March 13 that it had signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Metro Group on March 12. Vanke plans to apply type 1 Ⅲ samples on a regular basis mainly in the form of newly issued shares, which is only applicable to the determination of the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics, and MoS2 (molybdenum 2 sulfide) grease with a thin layer; To purchase all or part of the equity of the target company held by Shenzhen Metro Group, the transaction scale is expected to be between 40billion yuan and 60billion yuan. If the transaction is successful, Shenzhen Metro Group will become a long-term important shareholder of Vanke in the future

according to the memorandum of cooperation, the main assets of the relevant target company are the Shenzhen Metro superstructure property project, and the specific transaction consideration is based on the independent third-party evaluation results filed by the relevant departments. Vanke plans to pay the consideration mainly by issuing additional shares. Wang Shi, chairman of Vanke's board of directors, said that in the future, the simpler the use and operation of the torque meter, the better. Relying on the "track + property" model, through joint development, the two sides will realize complementary advantages

Shenzhen Metro Group is a wholly state-owned enterprise directly under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen. At present, it operates and manages four metro lines in Shenzhen, with a total length of 158 kilometers, net assets of more than 150 billion yuan and total assets of more than 240 billion yuan. Vanke was founded in 1984. In 2015, the company achieved a sales area of 20.67 million square meters and a sales amount of 261.4 billion yuan

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