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Exclusive agent of Sikorsky S-92 internal composite parts: arr company

recently, American AAR company announced that it had signed a cooperation protocol with Sikorsky Aircraft Company. According to the protocol, both parties to the contract will cooperate with each other and look for opportunities to develop business cooperation. In addition, the protocol also designated AAR as the exclusive supplier of internal composite structures for Sikorsky S-92 helicopter project, providing precision machining services for the floors of S-92 helicopters and structural components of H-60 helicopter fuselage. The initial order amount is about US $18.8 million. In the next 10 years, the total amount of contracts that may be signed later will exceed US $60million

the protocol shows that AAR and Sikorsky Aircraft Company of the United States reached a formal agreement at that time. They will look for opportunities to combine the various capabilities of AAR in design, manufacturing, maintenance and parts supply with Sikorsky Aircraft Company's requirements for production and after-sales service. The internal structure of composite materials of S-92 helicopter will be completed by AAR composite materials, and precision machining services will be provided by AAR summary technology. These AAR enterprises jointly provide a series of engineering design and manufacturing services for advanced composite materials and metal aircraft structural components

timothy J, chairman and chief operating officer of AAR, said: "This protocol is of great significance for us to establish a cooperative relationship with Sikorsky Aircraft Company and help strengthen AAR's reputation in the rotorcraft market. We cherish this opportunity to provide high-value products and services for Sikorsky Aircraft Company's s S-92 and H-60 helicopter projects, and hope to work with them to constantly explore other opportunities and provide support for their operations and aircraft."

at present, AAR has signed a contract with Sikorsky Aircraft Company to provide composite components for the interior of S-92 search and rescue helicopter, the interior of s-92vip helicopter, the gangway plate of s-92/h-92 helicopter, the interior of ch148 helicopter and the rectifier device of ch148 helicopter, and also produce mechanical parts of H-60 helicopter

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