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vanillaip: cloud communication is at the forefront. What's next

-- in this unprecedented period, the next step may be crucial to your business

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cti Forum () news on August 31 (compiler/Lao Qin): for the first time, we communicated with vanillaip, one of the leading cloud based real-time and integrated communication solutions providers in the UK. Sat down with Iain Sinnott, sales and marketing director of DRD communications, a company made up of vanillaip and uboss brands. He said that if he is a business owner, he wants to ensure that his suppliers have the tools to enable the global team to work on improving product competitiveness wherever they need to work. He added: I hope to deploy a new combination of traditional voice services, incoming call management, reporting and mobility tools when needed. This is his view on the next steps that enterprises should take after facing years of digital transformation in just a few months

sinnott suggests that business owners: This is perfectly integrated with the new virtual conference tool that is best for your employees. Finally, ensure that suppliers have a series of tools that can help in the second shutdown. Sinnott said that the novel coronavirus has not changed the product roadmap of vanillaip. He said that the company has always believed in on-demand cloud services, job flexibility and the need for different tools to solve labor challenges

he said that the market is more in line with the company's strategy. Uboss, our multi product, multi vendor, cloud management platform, is what makes us different. It performed well in late March. The company added and changed thousands of user services in a few days, but the team or vanillaip dealers did not encounter any human pressure, which is a great feat

agents have also seen the trend of adopting cloud services. Sinnott said that these people are divided into two categories: those who are eager and able to accept changes in customer needs. This means that they adopt new applications, services and a 30 day on-demand business license model. Some are not. He argued that for the first group, they could broadcast the flexibility, breadth and reliability of the combination, which could work effortlessly at the initial stage of locking, long before covid-19 made it necessary

this is a real challenge for those who still rely on long contracts to pay for fake connections, but because vanillaip has a flexible product portfolio and flexible business options, it can help resellers balance the need for 30 day core fixed-term contracts. The terms of productivity applications

someone told me that with self-service and e-commerce becoming a battlefield, Uboss provides an attractive tool to reduce and manage background costs, both now and in the long run. Sinnott said that due to the choice of consumption mode, resellers have no problem selling the company's products. If you can play games for 30 days, it's time to disturb the market. If not, it's time to be creative, but you need to ensure that there is the only way to the revenue model

he added that he hopes to provide readers with reasonable suggestions. This is a unique opportunity for change, and an opportunity to use the full power of the cloud and win market share. The behavior of customers is constantly developing, so it has great potential. His advice -- don't flinch, and don't make things too complicated -- if you listen to the needs and concerns of customers, he said that on the 29th, which will end in July, this will bring all changes

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