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New technological achievements in the packaging and storage of weapons, equipment and equipment, especially the machine flow exhibition with special configurations such as hydraulic fixtures and pneumatic fixtures, were held in Beijing

in order to change the current situation that our military packaging is not matched with the development of weapons and equipment, and improve the storage of weapons, equipment and equipment. 7. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler should be sorted out regularly; When selecting water-cooled ones, regularly investigate whether the cooling copper pipe has the appearance of cracking and water leakage; Recently, the "exchange and exhibition of new technological achievements in the sealing and packaging of weapons and equipment" was held in Beijing, which was hosted by the military weapons and equipment scientific and technological achievements management office and organized by the China Institute of new technology promotion of ordnance industry. The exchange exhibition achieved the expected results and received great repercussions in the military and even the packaging industry

the leaders of the general assembly electronic information foundation department attached great importance to this meeting. Vice Minister Liu Chenghai attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The special guest Yu Yajie, director of the science and Technology Department of China Packaging Corporation, also made a technical report (overview of the development of China's packaging industry). This exchange exhibition is the first time that the military weapons and equipment scientific and technological achievements management office has held a cross arms achievement promotion meeting for the general assembly. In addition to 23 exhibitors and more than 50 participants, the General Assembly organ and all services and arms Lou Huafen, Xie Ying, Ge Longjiang and Wang Wentao unveiled the Shandong Branch of China aluminum materials utilization research institute and the high-end aluminum alloy R & D and innovation base of China aluminum More than 2 people from the equipment departments of the military regions and relevant units attended the exhibition and visited the exhibition, achieving the expected purpose of promotion and publicity

this exchange exhibition brought together 39 packaging technology achievements from 23 units, including military related units, national defense science and technology industry, and civil industry. These exhibition projects included illustrated display boards, detailed technical materials, and large and small physical objects. It covers many equipment technology fields such as ordnance, armor, military optics, radar spare parts, ammunition packaging, etc., and involves new packaging technologies, new materials and new processes such as maintenance integration technology, information management, containerized transportation, gas-phase rust prevention, anti-static barrier, modified plastics, shrinkage and stretching. These achievements basically meet the multi-functional protection requirements of our military's weapons, equipment and equipment for storage and packaging technology, especially in the field, field storage, transportation, use, management and other conditions

this exhibition and exchange meeting brought together relevant units of all services and arms to exchange and display with national defense science, technology, industry and civil units, effectively promoting the information exchange of packaging technology. In particular, the comrades in the front line of the storage and packaging of ordnance warehouses who came to the meeting this time were crushed by machinery. Through attending the meeting, they learned a lot of new technological achievements of the storage and packaging of weapons and equipment that they did not know before. Many practical problems faced in the work were found effective solutions through visits, discussions and exchanges with achievement units

at this exchange exhibition, the units holding the achievements can directly face the comrades engaged in packaging work in the army. While introducing the achievements in detail to the army, they also understand the current situation and needs of military packaging work, and get useful inspiration from the inquiry and feedback of the army representatives, so as to further develop and improve the existing technological achievements, so as to make the packaging technological achievements closer to the needs of the army, Better service for military packaging

this exchange exhibition is a good exploration and Practice for the promotion of scientific and technological achievements of weapons and equipment. The office for the management of scientific and technological achievements of weapons and equipment of the whole army has established an information platform for the supply and demand sides of the military system, the National Association of scientific and technological industries, and civilian units. The meeting was a success and was unanimously appreciated by the participants

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