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Overcapacity in paper enterprises leads to the integration of the paper industry

the paper industry is likely to set off a new round of industrial integrated printing technology due to the capacity elimination policy. It is expected that in the future, China may provide more choices for consumers. Only a dozen large paper industries exist, and most small and medium-sized enterprises will eventually be merged into the printing market. After understanding the relevant policies, many researchers in the paper industry came to the same conclusion: equipment consumables

according to the information provided by China Paper Association, there were about 3500 paper and paperboard production enterprises in China in 2008. The national paper and paperboard production was 79.8 million tons, and the consumption was 79.35 million tons. The whole industry was in a small and scattered printing market

some people in the industry believe that the elimination will focus on the material market of cultural paper, cardboard and corrugated paper. Because the production process of these kinds of paper is relatively low-end, straw pulp and waste pulp are mostly used as printing tools for the primary industry of the paper industry

Wang Feng, an analyst of Guotai Junan paper industry, believes that the elimination of production capacity may trigger a new round of industrial integration of printing tools. Although the vast majority of small paper mills have no integration significance, a number of second-line paper enterprises, such as Meili Paper, may have great integration value printing alliances because they are facing survival problems. It is expected that the pattern of the paper industry in the future will be rigid, but it may be that more than a dozen large paper industries will carve up all the markets in Central China

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