The hottest vanadium mine in Richmond, Australia,

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Richmond vanadium mine, Australia, etc. announced the resource volume

junior exploration company inter Resources announced the resource volume of its Richmond vanadium mine project in Queensland, Australia

at present, the ore resource of the project is 2.5 billion tons, and the grade of vanadium pentoxide is 0.32%. According to the company, the ore body is not penetrated in all directions, and the mineralization is only 15 meters away from the ground surface. According to 8.2.2 of gb/t 16777 (1) 997, the project can build a low-cost open-pit mine

Jon price, the company's manager, said on Tuesday that the project is relatively close to the existing infrastructure such as roads, railways and ports. Due to tight supply and rising market demand for electric grade batteries, vanadium prices have risen to a 10-year high. Richmond vanadium mine has the potential to become a major vanadium supplier in the world energy storage and steel market

in September 2017, intemin signed a joint venture agreement with China AFX vanadium industry company, which will control 75% of the shares of the project if it can complete the investment of a $6million by 2021. This investment includes a feasibility study

after the announcement of the resources, the main work of the partners is to explore the higher-grade lilyvale prospect area, including completing the preliminary smelting test, infill drilling, general research, preliminary contact with the partners responsible for underwriting, application for permission, etc

* * * Vimy Resources announced that its initial estimated resource of angularli deposit in Alligator River uranium mine project in Northern Territory of Australia was 26million pounds (U3O8)

angulali uranium mine is located in the King River Wellington range project, with a mining right area of 1600 square kilometers. Rio Tinto holds 25% of the shares as the other shareholder of the project

according to the company, angulali metallogenic province has the conditions to form a world-class deposit. As the drilling is seriously damaged, it should be replaced with spring exploration, and the mineral resources will further increase

the company's exploration target is that uranium oxide will reach 20million - due to the loss of 60million pounds of deformed layer, it is hoped that the exploration target area will be verified during field work this year

this year, angulary's general research will also be carried out, and the results will be announced in the second half of the year*** Avanco announced its first estimate of resources for the Pantera copper mine project in Brazil

it is speculated that the ore resource is 20.8 million tons, the copper grade is 1.7%, and the gold grade is 0.2 g/ton, that is, the amount of copper metal is 350000 tons, and the gold is 140000 ounces

combined with the resources of Pantera deposit, the total copper metal content of the kalagas copper mine assets of avanco has exceeded 1million tons

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