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Yinglai shell lubricant: promote the "quality revolution" with innovative technology

Yinglai shell lubricant: promote the "quality revolution" with innovative technology

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innovation theory master Schumpeter believes that the so-called innovation is to "establish a new production function", that is, "the recombination of production factors", It is to introduce a never before "new combination" of production factors and production conditions based on relevant data into the production system, so as to realize the "new combination" of production factors or production conditions. Experts pointed out that in the new round of industrial revolution and industrial reform, quality is the foundation of made in China, and only by laying a good foundation can we create high value-added lubricant brands. How to take innovation as the driving strategy and "bring about a quality revolution in Chinese lubricant manufacturing" has become a hot topic in the lubricant industry

win market competition with innovative products

recently, Yinglai shell lubricating oil, steam engine oil products "Yingsu" series, diesel engine oil products "Huba" series and agricultural diesel products "jinjiali" series have been listed one after another, causing strong attention in the industry. Datong Yinglai shell Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of lubricating oil. The company has products such as lubricant, grease, brake fluid, antifreeze and filter of Yinglai shell brand, and has established in-depth and extensive technical cooperation with Afton company, Chevron company and Infineon international company

it is understood that Yinglai shell lubricating oil adopts innovative technologies such as magnetic crystal strong protection and long-term cleaning developed by Yinglai shell et R & D center. Zhang Zhibin, head of Yinglai shell lubricant technology center, said that as the core technology of Yinglai shell lubricant, the black technology of "magnetic crystal strong protection and long-term cleaning" came from the technical support of well-known experts in the UK. According to the introduction, according to the "magnetocrystalline strong protection and long-term cleaning" technology, the positively charged enlight additive molecules can be closely adsorbed with the negatively charged metal surface to form a strengthened oil film, cover the worn metal surface to form the magnetocrystalline rolling ball effect, and at the same time, it can remove the carbon and dirt attached to it, reduce friction, repair wear, and improve power

what is the new product of Yinglai shell lubricant that has caused "hot speculation" in the industry this time? Let's see the classic products of each series with the head of Yinglai shell lubricant technology center


"British speed" gasoline engine oil series products: British speed x9 fully synthetic lubricant Sn 0w-20w-30w-405w-30 "Dr. Christian Haessler, head of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific innovation and polymer research and development center, said 5w-40, British speed X8 fully synthetic lubricant Sn 5w-205w-305w-40, British speed X7 synthetic technology lubricant Sn 5w-305w-4010w-40, British speed X6 synthetic lubricant SL 5w-3010w-40 Yingsu X5 high cleaning lubricating oil SJ 5w-3010w-3010w-4015w-4020w-50. Package specification: 1L, 3.5L, because it is controlled by a single-chip computer, 4L, 170kg. The "Yingsu" series of gasoline engine oil products is made of selected new high-quality fully synthetic base oil and imported additives to provide high-quality protection and ensure efficient performance for your car; Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance, improved turbocharging protection, strong power guarantee, special protection during the rapid start-up phase of the engine, reducing the formation of sludge and surface sediments of engine components, reducing the oxidation speed of oil products and prolonging the service time of oil products; The excellent anti-wear performance can provide high temperature protection, improve fuel economy, reduce engine loss and prolong engine life


"Huba" diesel engine oil series products: Huba C8 fully synthetic diesel engine oil CJ-4 10w-40, Huba C7 synthetic technology diesel engine oil ci-4 10W-30 15w-40 20W-50, Huba C6 synthetic diesel engine oil CH-4 10W-30 15w-40 20W-50 sae50, Huba C5 heavy duty diesel engine oil CF-4 10W-30 15w-40 20W-50. Package specification: 4L, 18L, 170kg. Diesel engine oil product "Huba" series is made of selected new high-quality synthetic base oil and imported additives. It has outstanding detergency and dispersion, reduces the formation of sediment, keeps the engine oil filter clean, performs well in sludge dispersion and piston sediment control, and effectively protects the engine; It can enhance the oil film strength, effectively reduce the friction loss of the engine, significantly reduce the cold start wear and low temperature wear, improve fuel economy, prolong the service life of the engine, and bring excellent protection to the vehicle; It meets the requirements of API CJ-4 ACEA E9 quality level and meets the Euro V Euro VI emission standard


"jinjiali" agricultural machinery diesel engine oil series products: jinjiali agricultural machinery high supercharged diesel engine oil CH-4, jinjiali agricultural machinery diesel engine oil CF-4. Viscosity grade: SAE40, sae50, 15w-40, 20W-50, package specification: 4L, 18L, 170kg. Agricultural diesel series product "jinjiali" is blended with high-quality base oil and imported additives, which has good soot dispersion and controls the viscosity increase caused by soot; High oil film bearing capacity, strong high-temperature oil film, can well seal the combustion chamber, improve engine power and save fuel; Excellent lubrication and wear reduction performance, effectively controlling the wear of piston rings and cylinder liners; Good high temperature oxidation resistance to prevent oil thickening; It is applicable to agricultural tractors, vehicles and mechanical equipment with CH-4 grade and below lubricating oil, and meets the requirements of API CH-4 quality grade

from the above display of the excellent performance of new products, it can be seen that Yinglai Shell lubricants pay more attention to energy conservation, environmental protection and the maintenance of the whole life cycle of vehicles in order to meet the needs of car owners and users evolved in the process of consumption upgrading. Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises, and the research and development of new products based on user needs may be the reason why Yinglai shell brand has won the trust and welcome of channels and consumers

Schumpeter once made such a vivid metaphor: no matter how many stagecoach or mail cars you add up continuously, you can never get a railway. "As long as the invention has not been actually applied, it will not work economically." Because the use of new tools or methods plays a role in economic development, the most important meaning is to create new value. Through the application of innovative technology, we will launch innovative products that meet the upgrading needs of market consumption. Industry insiders believe that the launch of new products of Yinglai shell lubricating oil series will further enhance the market competitiveness of Yinglai shell lubricating oil brand and speed up the internationalization process of Yinglai shell brand

meet consumption upgrading with excellent quality

according to the statistics of the Ministry of public security, by the end of 2017, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 310 million, of which 217 million were cars. China's car ownership is rising, and the size of the automotive aftermarket is also increasing. According to statistics, in 2017, there were 184.75 million passenger cars, accounting for 88.8% (including 1.99 million mini buses, 180.44 million mini buses, 79000 medium-sized buses and 1.53 million large buses); 23.41 million trucks, accounting for 11.2% (including 60000 minivans, 15.67 million light trucks, 1.31 million medium-sized trucks and 6.37 million heavy trucks). From the perspective of fuel type: in 2017, there were 185.262 million gasoline vehicles, accounting for 89.0%; 19567000 diesel vehicles, accounting for 9.4%; 3.331 million gas vehicles, accounting for 1.6%. Experts predict that the overall size of China's automotive aftermarket will exceed 1trillion yuan. With the rapid development of vehicle consumption market and service maintenance market, China's lubricant and automotive aftermarket industry is facing the historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading, from big to strong. How to promote the "quality revolution" and meet the needs of consumption upgrading is an urgent topic for the lubricant industry

Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the development of manufacturing industry first depends on innovation and quality. "Innovation is the most important means of manufacturing development, but quality is also important. Only by improving quality, can made in China get rid of Shanzhai and relatively low-level image. This is the hard power of made in China."

skilled in work, craftsman in mind, product in line, the lubricant industry has never been so eager to call for "craftsman spirit" as today. Zhangzhibin, head of Yinglai shell lubricant, said that Yinglai shell lubricant strives for better product quality and service. Copolymerization of TMC and 2-oxo-heterocyclic ethane can produce a low rigidity copolymer with "extraordinary quality and professional service", which is the service declaration of Yinglai shell and the ideal and goal of Yinglai shell's market service and marketing network construction. According to the introduction, Yinglai shell is equipped with advanced and complete testing equipment. Every drop of oil has been accurately tested before leaving the factory, and the quality is checked layer by layer, so that users can rest assured. Yinglai shell company adopts advanced lubricating oil technology, equipped with exquisite technical team, advanced equipment and excellent management, which greatly improves the competitiveness of Yinglai shell brand in the field of lubricating oil, and has made remarkable achievements in promoting China's environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, low-carbon development, etc

this year's government work report pointed out that we should strengthen product quality supervision. Comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level, carry forward the craftsman spirit, and create a quality revolution made in China. The term "quality revolution" brings the transformation and upgrading of the lubricant manufacturing industry to a new height

according to Zhang Zhibin, the person in charge, Yinglai Shell lubricants has always grasped the lifeline of quality construction, comprehensively consolidated the foundation of product quality, and its product quality indicators are benchmarked with internationally renowned brands. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other authoritative certification at home and abroad. At present, Yinglai shell has excellent achievements in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants. The products are carefully prepared with base oil and multi-functional composite additives as raw materials. They can be widely used in vehicles, ships, aviation, industrial machinery and other fields, so that the equipment can maintain a stable state for a long time, and effectively achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, wear reduction The overhaul period and service life of the equipment have been greatly improved. Zhang Zhibin said that the unimpeded service and sales network is an important guarantee for Yinglai shell to be based in the industry. At present, Yinglai shell has set up many regions across the country, developed more than 200 large-scale logistics distribution centers, and served more than million directly under the central government

if quality is strong, the enterprise will be strong, and if quality is prosperous, the brand will be prosperous. Quality is the lifeblood and foundation of enterprise survival, and service is the high interpretation of the brand. Yinglai shell lubricant focuses on product research and development, constantly improves product quality and service level, and strives to promote the innovation of products and services in the industry, so as to provide consumers with more excellent lubrication solutions. Zhang Zhibin said that Yinglai shell will continue to pursue higher product terminal arrival rate and service satisfaction, bring consumers a more convenient and pleasant consumption experience, and set a benchmark for its peers in the lubricant industry

industry review

Gou Rixin, every day, every day. Industry experts believe that Yinglai shell lubricating oil promotes the "quality revolution" with innovative technology, and meets the consumption upgrading of users with the excellent quality of new products, which is of great significance to promote the manufacturing of lubricating oil towards the middle and high end, achieve high-quality economic development, and meet the needs of car owners and users for consumption upgrading. This is not only the necessary meaning of meeting the people's growing needs for a better life, but also the inevitable requirement of deepening supply side structural reform and building an innovative country

the development of China's lubricating oil industry has entered the key node of structural adjustment, driven by the "quality revolution"

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