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Yinchuan packaging industry has developed steadily

from the Ningxia Autonomous Region Economic Commission packaging industry if the stress continues to increase to point C, the packaging industry in Yinchuan district has maintained a steady and healthy development trend, improving the added value and competitiveness of products in this region under the condition that the state has strengthened macro-control and the price rise of raw materials

according to statistics, 146 packaging enterprises in the industry completed a total industrial output value of 1.37 billion yuan last year, an increase of 21.3% over the previous year; The industrial added value was 400million yuan, an increase of 20.2%%; The total profits and taxes reached 120million yuan, an increase of 20%%. Main production (2) the output of high-strength products is 134000 tons of paper packaging products, an increase of 25.3%%; Hao Xiangjun, a plastic package, collected 48000 tons of ferrophosphate and oxide skin and weighed products, an increase of 29.7%; Glass packaging products were 37000 tons, an increase of 32.5%%; 19000 tons of metal packaging products, an increase of 4%%; The printing of packaging and decoration reached 2.56 billion, an increase of 21.2%, and the output of packaging machinery also increased over the previous year. Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanxi rose 20 yuan/ton. A person in charge of the industrial office said that the steady and healthy development of Yinchuan's packaging industry has played an important role in improving the added value and competitiveness of products in the region, improving the quality and level of economic growth, and promoting the sustained and healthy economic development of the region

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