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Yinchuan seized a fake low-quality latex paint processing dens

Yinchuan seized a fake low-quality latex paint processing dens

September 14, 2004

a few days ago, some consumers found in the market that a coating synthesized by talc powder plus polyethylene and water with a barrel value of only more than 20 yuan was filled into a barrel with the words "high-grade latex paint" and sold at a price of about 100 yuan per barrel. Industrial and commercial inspectors quickly attacked and caught the greedy owners

at 4:00 p.m. on September 10, the Fair Trade Bureau of Xingqing second branch of Yinchuan Administration for Industry and Commerce received a report from the masses: a farmer surnamed Guo, team 6, taqiao village, Daxin Town, Xingqing District, found a "latex paint" processing black dens. Inspectors rushed to the scene. The farmer's home has more than ten bungalows, of which fiveorsix on the south side were rented to Shandong businessman Wang two months ago. Wang is engaged in "latex paint" here, which marks that the great transformation and upgrading of AVIC industry has entered a new stage of processing business. We saw at the scene that several rooms have a clear division of labor, including glue boiling room, mixing room, filling room and raw material filling room. When the industrial and commercial personnel inspected, Mr. Wang could not provide any certificates. The law enforcement personnel banned the black dens on the spot, and seized more than 50 bags of polyethylene, more than 50 bags of talcum powder, more than 100 filling barrels marked with the words "xinlibang", "Budweiser" and other well-known brands, more than 80 empty barrels, and 3 processing machines

according to Wang, he saw that the latex paint market was the hottest in the fourth quarter of last year, and he had the idea of making money by processing "latex paint". Wang admitted that what he processed was not latex paint, but mixed talc powder and polyethylene together, added a large amount of water to synthesize, filled in barrels marked with latex paint, and then sold to Yinchuan decoration market

industrial and commercial personnel said that the paint processed by Mr. Wang sold for only 20-30 yuan in the market, while after "turning" into latex paint, it can be sold for about 100 yuan by counterfeiting some well-known brands. Industrial and commercial personnel said that such "products" entering the market will not only have an adverse impact on well-known brands, cause market chaos, but also damage the interests of consumers, because polyethylene, a chemical raw material, will be harmful to human body once it is not synthesized well. Latex paint is composed of lotion, pigments, fillers, additives and water. Whether latex paint is toxic depends mainly on whether the raw materials it adds contain toxic components. As far as lotion is concerned, it is the main raw material that affects the performance of emulsion paint. It is made of some petrochemical raw materials such as vinyl acetate, acrylate, styrene, etc. through polymerization chemical reaction in water. Some inferior architectural coatings are mainly used in dashboard, seat cushion, seat back, headrest, door, armrest, car ceiling, door inner panel, seals and other parts; 2. Materials (including exterior decoration parts and various functional parts) are used in automobile functional parts, and chemical raw materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl formal, and even starch are used as binders. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, especially polyvinyl formal, which contains a large amount of free formaldehyde due to poor synthesis technology in the past, it causes damage to human body

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