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Yingda cold and hot regeneration "two pronged" escort "devil's Wharf"

Yingda cold and hot regeneration "two pronged" escort "devil's Wharf"

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port dredging road is the lifeline of Port Development, and its smoothness plays a vital role in port development to realize the integration with ordinary policyholders. Recently, Yingda, the "highway doctor", lightning struck Sandu Road, the port dredging channel of Xiamen ocean terminal. Using the concept of "suit the remedy to the case" and Yingda's cold and hot regeneration process, Yingda overcame serious road diseases such as damage and subsidence and aging pockmarked noodles, and escorted the first "devil wharf" in China

"combination of cold and hot", the speed is increased to three times the traditional

the hiseas terminal is the world's first truly automated terminal with one first prize and two third prizes from the first prize of Foshan Science and technology award. It is also China's first fully intelligent, zero emission, safe and environmental friendly fully automated container terminal, which can fully realize unmanned operation, commonly known as "devil terminal". After putting into trial operation, its throughput will reach nearly 900000 TEUs/year

Sandu Road, as its most important port dredging channel, has witnessed rapid growth in traffic volume since its opening to traffic, serious overloading and overrun, and frequent round-trip of large and heavy container trucks, resulting in complex diseases such as cracking and subsidence, serious damage, aging and pitting on the road surface. Hiseas wharf is about to usher in a leap forward upgrade, and it is urgent to cure Sandu road

panchunwei, manager of the Engineering Department of the owner Haicang bonded port area investment and Construction Management Co., Ltd., said that according to past experience, if the traditional milling and paving process is used, the construction should not only close the road, but also last for at least 2-3 months, which is bound to affect the trial operation of "devil wharf". "Highway doctor" is easy to catch - Yingda adopts the method of on-site cold and hot regeneration to repair different road diseases in sections. There is no need to close the whole road during the whole construction process, which can be half through and half through, and the transportation volume of waste materials and new materials is minimized

"in just over 20 days, Inda completed the construction volume of the traditional process for more than 2 months, greatly shortening the construction period, and providing time guarantee for the smooth trial operation of 'devil wharf'." Manager Pan Chunwei said that Yingda's "super speed" construction has incomparable advantages

"international leading" Inda compound mixing process, optimized grading

the construction effect of Inda is more amazing than the construction speed

I hope the above content will help you. Unlike the traditional process of "one size fits all", the "highway doctor" always adheres to the concept of "applying the right medicine to the case". Through the detailed investigation of road diseases before construction, Yingda developed targeted solutions for Sandu Road: the pavement in the north section is aging, pockmarked, cracked, and poor flatness. Considering that the number of heavy-duty vehicles will continue to increase in the future, improving the grading is the key to this repair, which is applicable to the Yingda compound geothermal regeneration process identified as "international leading"

at the construction site, Yingda compound mixing hot regeneration unit first heats the pavement to soften, rakes it loose, then sprays regenerant to restore the properties of the original pavement materials, then collects the old materials and mixes them with the new materials with specific grading on site, and finally paves and compacts them. After the construction, the road surface looks new and the road disease is swept away, as if it had been magic

"The recycled asphalt mixture has excellent stability; the adjustment of gradation improves the overall performance of pavement materials; at the same time, Inda's unique interlayer thermal bonding technology can also ensure the effective 'welding' between the recycled layer and the lower bearing layer in a short time, completely eliminating the weak joints and weak interfaces that cannot be avoided by traditional processes, ensuring the water sealing performance of the pavement after construction, and greatly improving the interlayer shear strength of the pavement , extending the service life of the road. " Yingda technicians in charge of this construction revealed the secret behind the "magic"

Yingda optimizes the cold regeneration and cures the "serious disease" of the base course.

for the south section of Sandu road where the base course strength such as serious damage and subsidence cannot meet the requirements, Yingda cement in situ cold regeneration technology is used for treatment. In recent years, Yingda's technology and process innovation is characterized by "expanding the regeneration range and enriching the regeneration forms", and has successively developed innovative processes such as regeneration cover and optimizing cold regeneration. This construction is the first appearance of Inda's in-situ cold regeneration process

at the construction site, Yingda cold recycling technology optimizes the construction equipment and process flow of traditional cold recycling: professional machinery is used to add gravel and cement. On the basis of milling and mixing the old pavement materials, professional mixing equipment is used to mix again, and professional paver is used to pave, and then compact and form

the quality inspection during construction shows that the 7d unconfined compressive strength test of recycled base materials meets the strength specification requirements of fresh cement stabilized macadam; The compactness, flatness and other performance indicators of the recycled pavement meet the requirements of the new cement stabilized macadam base

it is understood that Yingda is the first in the industry to use in-situ cold regeneration and local geothermal regeneration to treat different road diseases on the same road during road maintenance and construction. Manager Pan Chunwei said, "Yingda's unique management method not only maximizes the utilization of resources, but also we are very satisfied with the construction effect. During the construction, Haicang District leaders visited the site many times and spoke highly of it!"

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