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Ningxia Yinchuan atmospheric environment super monitoring station has passed the acceptance to achieve three-dimensional monitoring

the construction project of Ningxia Yinchuan atmospheric environment super monitoring station has passed the acceptance, which means that from now on, the super station will be officially put into operation, and Yinchuan will change from a single routine air quality monitoring to a multi-level comprehensive three-dimensional monitoring integrating business and research

the atmospheric monitoring super station is a comprehensive monitoring station equipped with many atmospheric monitoring instruments and equipment. In 2012, the first air monitoring super station in Heshan, Guangdong Province was officially put into operation. Subsequently, stainless steel shells were produced in more than ten provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu and Hubei; 2) The heating furnace is conveniently installed in the machine extrusion room and has enough space; 3) The size of the heating furnace is limited: the length/width/height is 250 ~ 400mm/150 ~ 300mm/150 ~ 300mm when HB 450 or the sample is too small; 4) The inner diameter of the furnace ≥ 80mm ★ 5) the length of the soaking band ≥ 50mm (the temperature fluctuation in the soaking band ≤± 5 ℃). Environmental protection departments and some scientific research institutions also began to build air monitoring super stations and put them into use successively

at the beginning of 2017, Yinchuan began to build a super station, completed the performance test and acceptance in February this year, and began trial operation in May. The construction of super stations adopts the "1+2+1" mode, that is, a combination of one master station, two component stations and one mobile station, assisted by satellite telemetry, to form an integrated three-dimensional monitoring network of "earth, air and space"

among them, the main station of the super station is built on the former site of the Yinchuan planning exhibition hall, and is located on the main transmission path of the northern transmission channel and the southeast transmission channel, which can better evaluate the ambient air quality of Yinchuan and analyze the pollution process mechanism

the two component stations are located in Zhangzheng Town, Xingqing District and Beibao Town, Xixia District, respectively. They can monitor the transmission of pollution sources in the southeast and northwest of Yinchuan city respectively, which is conducive to analyzing the impact of multiple industrial parks on the air quality of Yinchuan city

the mobile station is an atmospheric lidar navigation observation vehicle, which is mainly used for three-dimensional space-time detection of the generation and development process of regional pollution during heavy pollution, and mobile monitoring of the entire pollution source and the atmospheric pollution status of the surrounding area at any time, so as to realize the "situation of the atmospheric pollution process, so as to realize the comprehensive protection of experimental facilities"

in terms of the use of monitoring instruments, the super station not only has advanced hardware facilities such as ion chromatograph, atmospheric heavy metal monitor and aerosol lidar, but also has a software system composed of haze platform, radar group and air quality early warning and prediction

in the future, super station, which is a great challenge for mankind, will mainly solve the problems of the construction of haze pollution analysis system in Yinchuan, the impact of regional pollution transmission and the analysis of pollution sources, provide data support for the analysis of particulate matter sources and regional pollution early warning and prediction, and provide decision support for the direction and focus of air pollution prevention and control in Yinchuan in the future

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