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Yinchuan Yuxin printing company was officially put into production

yesterday was a historic day for Yinchuan Jinfeng Industrial Park. The Yuxin printing company set up by the land lost farmer pan Hongqing was officially put into operation in the middle Great Wall Road small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurship Park in the park. This is the first enterprise to put into operation in the industrial park, which also marks the success of Jinfeng District in transplanting the "Wenzhou model" and establishing the land lost farmers' entrepreneurship Park

it is understood that since the construction of Jinfeng Industrial Park began in October 2004, enterprises have successively adopted the methods of advance and joint capital accumulation to raise funds and increase investment. This year, a total investment of 110million yuan has been made, which is basically completed. 5. After the experiment is ready, it has begun to build infrastructure such as roads and supporting projects in the park

in order to solve the employment problem of land lost farmers, this year, GWA (1) 000b electro-hydraulic servo steel strand special experimental machine is dedicated to the mechanical property experiment of prestressed steel strand. According to the principle of "unified planning, unified design, unified standards, unified characteristics", and using the "Wenzhou model" for reference, a small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurial park for land lost farmers covering an area of 335 Mu is planned and constructed in the park, focusing on the development of small commodity processing and manufacturing industry. At present, the whole Venture Park has invested nearly 100 million yuan, and has basically completed the main project of 115 industrial standard workshops with an area of nearly 100000 square meters, attracting a number of small and medium-sized enterprises producing food, clothing and small commodities. The land lost farmers near the industrial park have also become the priority employment targets of these enterprises

it is also understood that the Yuxin printing factory, which started production this time, is an old enterprise that has been established for 12 years. The enterprises that have entered the industry with early and rapid transformation can rely on excellent technology and product parks, which not only doubled the production capacity, but also solved the employment problem of more than 10 land lost farmers in nearby villages. The monthly salary of 400 yuan satisfied these landless farmers

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