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Green building energy conservation cannot be separated from the progress of application technology

the biennial GRC annual meeting once again emphasized the relationship between the innovative development of application technology and building energy conservation. At the 2008 GRC annual meeting held in Beijing a few days ago, industry insiders not only gave an optimistic outlook on the prospects and technological development of GRC, but also generally stressed that, as a part of scientific and technological progress, the progress of application technology will provide a solid support for building energy conservation. It was learned from the annual meeting that GRC has played a significant role in building energy conservation for more than a decade

unfamiliar GRC familiar building

cement is indispensable in building. Why is it called "GRC" now? Because the ingredients with scientific and technological content are added to the cement. After consulting the relevant industry standards in China, the definition given in them is "glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC)". The interpretation of the industry standard is more complicated: GrC is a new type of inorganic composite material with light weight, high strength, high toughness and multi-function, which is made of alkali resistant glass fiber as reinforcement, sulphoaluminate low alkalinity cement as binder and suitable aggregate as substrate, and is produced by spraying, mold casting, extrusion, slurry and other production processes. Perhaps these explanations are too complex, and this new product is commonly referred to as "GRC" in the industry

according to information and industry insiders, glass fiber reinforced cement is a new building material rising abroad in the last century. It has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, which can eliminate the concentrated stress in the brittle cement substrate, inhibit the occurrence and development of substrate cracks, improve the crack resistance, and is widely used in the field of non load-bearing building components. After the introduction of China, it has developed rapidly in the industry, and some innovative products have been born, and their performance is higher than that of foreign products

people may not know much about this new product, but at present, it has been widely used in Chinese architecture, including some famous buildings, such as the Olympic venues, such as the National Grand Theater, the Tang Museum, Lhasa railway station, and so on. Without GRC, the effect of these beautiful and magnificent buildings may not be what we see

the ceiling of the concert hall of the National Grand Theater is designed to be undulating and natural, with a total area of 1300 square meters. It is composed of 164 standard plates 3420 mm long and 2260 mm wide. The material thickness of the plates is 24 mm. The 164 plates are arranged in an orderly manner. The horizontal joints between the plates are 40 mm and the vertical joints are 80 mm. The shapes of these 164 plates are different, and the undulations are also very different. They are made of GRC materials. It is reported that "it is a transformation from traditional reinforced concrete products to glass fiber reinforced cement products, which is required by engineering features and can be guaranteed by modern scientific and technological progress."

in fact, GRC, as a modern scientific and technological product, can not only be applied to buildings with complex processes, but also widely valued in building energy conservation due to its durability and other characteristics. Dozens of products developed with GRC materials, such as light internal partition board, insulation board, exterior wall board, exterior decoration series products, roof panel, ventilation duct, granary, rigid waterproof roof, have been widely used in the fields of construction engineering, civil engineering, agriculture, animal husbandry and fish industry. The development of GRC materials and their products has not only made outstanding contributions to the reform of China's wall materials, the rejuvenation of the international market, building energy conservation, and the decoration of buildings, but also made considerable progress in basic theoretical research, the variety and performance of raw materials, product development, production process level, product quality, etc. Because GRC materials have ideal physical and mechanical properties, easy to form and manufacture products, fast product upgrading, large market capacity and strong adaptability, GRC industry is full of vitality and is entering a sunrise industry

"green" building "green" technology

building materials are inseparable from the need to replace oil pipes with higher strength, and building energy conservation is inseparable from energy-saving application technology. The progress of building materials application technology is of great significance to building energy conservation

Gu Zhen'an, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that China's environmental problems are serious, and we must strengthen the development of green buildings and green building materials, especially through technological progress, speed up the promotion of green buildings and the development of green building materials. He said that China accounted for 16 of the 20 heavily polluted cities in the world, and this situation must be changed as soon as possible. Talking about building energy conservation, he said that green buildings must be energy-saving buildings, and the important link of energy conservation is the development and application of energy-saving materials. For example, thermal insulation is an important issue in building energy conservation, and doors and windows play a key role in thermal insulation. Therefore, to develop energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving glass is a good choice for building energy conservation, so building energy conservation needs every specific technology to ensure

academician Gu also mentioned that building energy conservation should also pay attention to building life, and long-lived buildings are energy-saving buildings. On the one hand, we should choose durable and solid building materials, such as GRC material products and other high-tech building materials, to ensure the firmness of the building; On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the design, make full use of natural conditions, and design the buildings reasonably and beautifully, so as to reduce the changes after completion. At the same time, local governments should do a good job in about 32% of China's completely blank planning. They can't tear down buildings that have just been built for 20 years and artificially reduce their service life, which is a great waste of energy. In the future, urban construction needs to be developed. We should attach great importance to and put an end to this waste of resources

Zhang Baobao of precious stone art Co., Ltd., who once designed and installed the ceiling of the National Grand Theater Concert Hall and other buildings, also expressed his views on scientific and technological innovation. He believes that scientific and technological innovation is where competitiveness lies, and it must meet the needs of society and the market to succeed. He also combined his entrepreneurial experience to interpret Innovation: innovation is a kind of desire, a kind of courage, and it is not someone who can do it only after buying insurance for you. Our GRC special-shaped hanging board, which was not understood five years ago and developed hard, is now very popular, which is the result of our persistence. He said that enterprises must carry out scientific and technological innovation in order to develop. It cannot be sustained by operation and hype, but there is no smooth road to scientific and technological innovation

good opportunities great challenges

for the development of an industry, opportunities are important, and every opportunity comes to further improve the ability of enterprise technology innovation, management innovation and so on; Further improve the construction of public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises; While continuing to strengthen the cultivation of well-known brands, it also brings challenges. Relevant people pointed out that for the GRC industry, the current opportunities and challenges are the same

An official from the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development said that at present, opportunities outweigh challenges. First, the state has issued a series of policies, and government funds should be used to promote the use of renewable energy during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Second, urban construction will not shrink due to the financial crisis. The difficulties are temporary, and the national construction market will continue to develop. He said that the market economy has led to the rapid development of new building materials. It is very correct for GRC industry to emphasize the development of new products and technologies, especially new ideas. We should seize the opportunity to strengthen the innovative research of applied technology, which is a weakness of our country. To prevent from rough manufacturing to imitation manufacturing, we must "intelligent manufacturing"

xuyongmo, President of GRC Association, believes that independent innovation is of great significance to the development of the industry. At present, the building materials industry is changing to an environment-friendly industry with prominent environmental protection characteristics. Scientific research, development and innovation should turn to green environmental protection and energy conservation, and should be coordinated with the main theme of the whole social environment. He said that the building materials industry has the conditions to make more contributions to the circular economy and building energy conservation. The core of circular economy is reduction. Further energy conservation and emission reduction depends on the utilization of circular economy. Scientific research and innovation can do a lot in this regard

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