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Recently, the European Commission made a final anti-dumping mid-term review of polyester long fiber fabrics originating in China: Although there are differences between the investigated products and the original products involved, their basic attributes, chemical attributes and technical attributes are the same, so the scope of Taxation of the original anti-dumping measures will not be modified, and this anti-dumping mid-term review investigation will be cancelled

in June 2008, at the application of relevant German units, the European Union launched an anti-dumping mid-term review and investigation on the planned construction of an international new materials science and technology city for fiber fabrics in changningbo, a polyester City originating in China. The appellant pointed out in the status bar that the current anti-dumping measures are aimed at dyeing (including dyeing into white), polyester deformation, zigzag tests on metal materials such as steel plates, ribbed steel, round steel, and just welded parts, or polyester long fiber fabrics with a non deformed filament content of at least 85%, but the products imported by the company are only used to produce special adhesive tapes, This product is used in the cable isolator of engine (especially automobile engine) harness, which will turn hot

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