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Electrical equipment: the energy administration requires to submit the list of wind power parity projects

Sichuan finance week observation point this week, in order to play the decisive role of the market in resource allocation and promote the high-quality development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation industry, the National Energy Administration issued the notice on relevant requirements for the construction and management of wind power and photovoltaic power generation in 2019 (Draft for comments), and required all regions to submit the list of the first batch of wind power and photovoltaic parity projects in 2019. On the whole, the policy advocacy direction is the same as before, that is, to encourage the development of wind power and photovoltaic projects that do not need subsidies, but the landing pace is slightly higher than market expectations. With the gradual completion of projects that have been approved to meet the old electricity price, it is expected that the target IRR of operators will be difficult to maintain the current level, and the overall price of the industrial chain may face certain pressure. At present, the whole machine is still the best part of the pattern. It is suggested to arrange relevant high-quality listed companies with related targets: (), ()

market overview this week, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 1.78%, the electrical equipment index fell by 1.01%, which was 0.77 percentage points lower than the Shanghai Composite Index, and the index fell by 1.94%, which was 0.16 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index

there are many manhole cover pressure testing machines in the company's dynamic market () (002300): non main devices, non main control systems and non key station cloth are mainly used in large-scale engineering projects, 2018; () (601218): release the 2018 annual report; Jin Longyu (002882): release the 2018 annual report; Xinjie electric (603416):

release the 2018 annual report; Huikai (300120): release the 2018 annual report; () (300062): release the 2018 annual report; () (603988): release the 2018 annual report

industry dynamics 1. The energy administration solicits opinions on the construction scheme of the smooth reflection surface without using the aiming telescope to inspect the subsidized parity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation (the Arctic realizes the strong and strong cooperation in the field of material experiments); 2. The National Energy Administration released the national power safety production situation in March this year (Polaris power); 3. The four ministries and commissions in Zhejiang issued the implementation plan for the clean-up and rectification of small hydropower in Zhejiang Province (Polaris power); 4. The old wind turbine manufacturer collapsed and senvion officially filed for bankruptcy (Polaris power); 5. The United States plans to launch 337 investigations on photovoltaic cell products in China (Polaris power); 6. The national major water conservancy project construction fund will be reduced by another 50% (Polaris power)

risk tip: the new installed capacity of new energy does not meet expectations, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles is lower than expected

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